Interview with Xavi Iglesias on Radio La Xarxa “The coffee”

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Barcelona could be considered the city of cafés; Journalists, architects, politicians, philosophers gathered around a table and a cup of coffee in places like the “Swiss Café” in the middle of the Rambla, the great “Continental Café” in Plaza Catalunya or the “Café Pelai” among others .

It was a time when there was no hurry and making coffee was a moment of pause to chat. Centuries after the social aspect still endures but adapted to the new times, that’s why we have espresso machines or capsules to make, in theory, more convenient to make.

But where does this coffee come from? Why is it so hard to find a good coffee? How do you taste good coffee? All these doubts we hope today to resolve them together with Xavi Iglesias, to whom we welcome today and we hope to learn a lot from him.

“Hola Xavi, ¿que tal? ….”

This is how Xavi Iglesias’ interview starts talking about coffee in the program “Deixa’m Tastar (let me try)” recorded on 06/11/14 on the radio program La Red.
The interview with Xavi Iglesias can be heard from 9:30 to 24 minutes, and the second part of the interview from 35:30 minutes to 44:20 minutes of the audio link.

Here you have the link of the full interview in Catalan: “Deixa´m Tastar (déjame probar)

As a summary of the whole program, we tell you it includes the new offer of the restaurants of the association the Biones stove, some very original desserts, the recipe in the Abalon restaurant by Ramon Fresno in Barcelona, the toast with Jaume Folguera talking about wines, the gastro-agenda with activities for these days and the recommendation of a book.

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