Dall’Italia con amore

An afternoon with one of the best shakers in the world Hello friends, let’s go with an article about cocktails, something that is always interesting. I wanted to tell you that, about a month ago, I had the opportunity and the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with Simone Caporale, an authentic eminence in the […]

Sweets and coffee, a good pairing

The pastry and everything that goes with your coffee For some years we have experienced a boom in pastry: first arrived: the donuts; then the cupcakes; the Arabic baklava; most recent the Japanese mochi, the dorayakis or the surprising chocolates and muffins made with matcha tea. But don´t be intimidated, if you are one of […]

7 tricks to improve as a taster

Learning to taste better Hello, my dear fans of good coffee! Today we are going to focus on the nuances and learn some useful things about tasting. Some people are lucky to have a very refined palate or to be born with a more sensitive sense of smell than normal, this is what has made […]

Bloody Mary´s origins

Such a weird name No matter how they are ordered, everyone loves a good cocktail. They have inspired world leaders, famous artists, poets, high society parties and the creativity of professional bartenders. The cocktail has merged with our popular, historical and literary culture, becoming as iconic as the men and women who immortalized them. After […]

Italian Tiramisu

The classic Italian tiramisu is a not too sweet dessert that is made with a typical cheese for this type of preparations: the mascarpone. This cheese is used as the main ingredient in its preparation and does not have cream. In addition, contrary to what we are used to in Spain, it does not carry […]

Latte Art

Latte art A delicate touch of frothed milk is, for many coffee lovers, the perfect end point for an exquisitely prepared espresso. The latte art is considered an artistic discipline that brings new taste sensations to coffee while making it a creative and stimulating space for the senses. To create these designs on the coffee […]