Hola amigos. ¿Me echabais de menos? Aquí estamos de vuelta después de un paréntesis muy ocupado y ahora ya sabéis la razón: mi libro está apunto de salir del horno y a continuación os cuento los detalles que me tenían más que entretenido. Te presento a Xavi, en forma de libro Primero: ¿de qué va? […]


Everything can be positive Hello friends. How is that “getting back to routine thing” going? Come on, let’s get to work, we have a beautiful country to rock on. Without forgetting the enjoying part. When it’s time to leave work and the “after-work” drinks, the still enjoyable terraces or the weekend toasts, we will practice […]

“Crazy zone: one day is one day”

Hello friends! Today we are going to pass on academic tips, and simply relax and laugh. So, what a better way to do it than breaking patterns, changing the story, throwing us to the unknown, to everything that is outside, waiting to be lived intensely. I want to change my way of seeing the world, […]

Stop complaining

Our speech under a magnifying glass Have you ever heard that words are powerful, that they create our reality? Hence, that of “be impeccable with your words, because they create your destiny”. Imagine if the ones you use in your speech are complaints, or bad words, or negative criticism. Complaining is an annoyance, both for […]