Sweets and coffee, a good pairing

The pastry and everything that goes with your coffee For some years we have experienced a boom in pastry: first arrived: the donuts; then the cupcakes; the Arabic baklava; most recent the Japanese mochi, the dorayakis or the surprising chocolates and muffins made with matcha tea. But don´t be intimidated, if you are one of […]


Learning to manage times “Time is relative”, someone said one day. And he wasn´t wrong. From the speed at which it “flies” when we are enjoying, to the feeling of boredom that appears when we count the minutes, there is nothing more subjective than the perception of time. But attention, the times we have to […]

7 tricks to improve as a taster

Learning to taste better Hello, my dear fans of good coffee! Today we are going to focus on the nuances and learn some useful things about tasting. Some people are lucky to have a very refined palate or to be born with a more sensitive sense of smell than normal, this is what has made […]

The milk

Hello my dear apprentices, curious and experts. To start this week we are going to refresh some important things about one of the elements that give us more possibilities in our profession: the milk. Our colleagues the cooks know how to make the most of the combination of coffee + milk + sugar, for example […]


The decoration on our place, secondary or protagonist? Hello coffee lovers!! Let’s go for another article for passionate about good coffee, going out for a drink and those beautiful spaces we use as a meeting points. Whether you are in the role of owner, waiter or client, I am sure you will be interested in […]

We were on TV!

We were on TV: with Xavi Iglesias and the Sans Program “Tarda oberta” on TV3 So we started the section on gastronomy to which we were invited by the friends of TV3 last November 30, an exciting occasion to make known our beloved coffee culture. Below, a summary of the content of the program: Every […]

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