We design your website.

Your shop window online.

Design and creation
of your website.


There is nothing more effective than word of mouth to make your business work, but nowadays we live in a digital world, where we all use our mobile phones to ask any question, and we often have doubts about where we are going to eat today.


Having a well-designed website with an appealing menu will be what makes your customers decide whether they choose your business.

Sell directly
from your website.


If one of your specialities is food delivery, we can integrate an ecommerce within your website.


In an easy way for you and your customer, we can integrate the dishes on your website, so that the customer can choose them and pay directly, and you will receive the order already paid for.

Reservation management
for your restaurant.


Many times our customers want to know if there will be room in our restaurant, they can call directly or they can access the reservation management service, where they indicate how many people will be there, that way your customer can know if there is room and you can control the reservations and the rotation of tables.

of your website.


Apart from designing your website, you can contract with us the maintenance service.

We also offer you this service, so that you don’t have to worry about anything but your restaurant.

email accounts.


Your image comes first, and having your email address at myrestaurant@gmail.com is not the most professional way to make yourself known.


As we are going to have a name for your restaurant on the internet, what better than to have different personalised accounts for the different functions of our business:

  • reservations@myrestaurant.com
  • totakeaway@myrestaurant.com
  • shopping@myrestaurant.com

Cuentas de correo


Tu imagen es lo primero, y que tu dirección de correo electrónico sea mirestaurante@gmail.com no es la manera más profesional de darse a conocer.


Como vamos a tener un nombre para tu restaurante en internet, que mejor que tener diferentes cuentas personalizadas para las diferentes funciones de nuestro negocio:

  • reservas@mirestaurante.com
  • parallevar@mirestaurante.com
  • compras@mirestaurante.com