This is who I am...

My philosophy

Your life moves from your virtue

We have to know ourselves, develop what we are good at and connect those talents with an activity, with the same passion and commitment as if it were our mission in life.

I am attracted to people, relationships, that enjoyment in sophistication present in the social environment. I´m moved by beauty, this is why I have made the hospitality my way. For those of us who connect with life, we naturally love it because it is an inexhaustible source of pleasure. Look at the values ​​that project, for example, the protocol. It is really something beautiful and artistic.

I like to give advice, if they ask me and if I see that the person really needs it. Without trying to “change” anything, simply giving my point of view. I do not have the absolute truth, I believe that each one has to find his truth, the one dictated by his own soul.

What motivates me is to find a way to spread beauty, joy and love; and teach others to find these values ​​in the most simple and unsuspected places, for example, inside their hearts

Would you call me an idealist, a dreamer? Perhaps, but isn´t with ideals and dreams that the world can be changed? Do you agree?

My mission

Let´s transform you into your best version

As a teacher I know that my mission is not exclusively to transmit knowledge, but to inspire passion in children. As a consultant I help others find their place in the business and connect it to their purpose in life.

My vision

“Are you a waiter?! How cool!”

Hospitality one day will be the job that everyone would love to do. But this change has to be deserved. We need to prepare ourselves with a training that gives us this value.

Teaching my way

You must have something really good!

For me the most important is the individual. You have to know how to look at the person behind the students, what their capabilities are, their profile, their potential, what their DNA pushes them to.

As a consultant I work with the place, and especially with the staff. Taking advantage of talent and detecting what needs to be enhanced.

I work leadership in bosses and motivation in employees.

My environment

Get on the wave

I collaborate with hotels, schools and restaurants nationally and internationally.

I’m trainer of trainers and coach of baristas for several coffee collectives, like the students of my school; those of the school of Cambrils and that of Girona; collectives of the Generalitat and recognized private companies.

In addition, I am a Restaurant and Bar Teacher at the Barcelona School of Hospitality and Tourism (EHTB).

The human being is human precisely because is capable to be moved by beauty. There is something magical about this that, for me, has the power to heal people, and make them rediscover themselves with a certain inner peace, in multiple aspects of their lives.