This is who I am...

My philosophy

Your life moves from your virtue

Getting to know yourself, developing your talents and working towards them with passion and commitment.

Connecting with other people, learning from them, growing together.

Giving advice without expecting anything in return, giving everyone the freedom to find their own path.

Finding beauty and happiness in the simplest, most unexpected of places, and teaching others to do the same.

My experience

Where do I come from?

  • 13 years as a culinary consultant and trainer.
  • 13 years as a teacher to future professionals.
  • 7 years as the director of Degusto Arte – Premium Coffee and Events.
  • Judge in the final of the National Spanish Barista Championship in 2015.

My objectives

What am I walking towards?

  • Inspiring passion and helping others find their place in this business.
  • Improving the quality of training inside the culinary industry.
  • Focusing training individually and adjusting it to their abilities: working on leadership with the bosses and on motivation with the employees.

The human being is human precisely because is capable to be moved by beauty. There is something magical about this that, for me, has the power to heal people, and make them rediscover themselves with a certain inner peace, in multiple aspects of their lives.