I'm Xavi Iglesias

I’m Xavi Iglesias

Are you ready to makw notable changes in your environment happen? Are you looking for a method that transforms a group of disconnected people into a team committed to your vision of success? Would you like to have training for your company that makes happy employees and happy customers?

My name is Xavi Iglesias García, I am a coach of passionate baristas and my goal is to help you generate the changes that take your proposal to another level.



How do i do it?

I like to help whoever I meet on my way – students, colleagues, companies – to transform themselves into their best version.

I teach specialized training for hospitality, putting my heart and eye on everything, from the water that circulates through the coffee machine, to the level of motivation of the employees.

Coffee, cocktail, protocol, English, leadership and self-leadership courses with my exclusive method; which is basically my experience working for more than 10 years with people from 8 countries, combined with the philosophy and attitude that have accompanied me throughout the process, (and continues to do so, because it works for me!).


Call me as a trainer, advisor or speaker

My experience

  • 13 years as a gastronomic consultant.
  • 13 years as a teacher for future restaurant professionals.
  • 7 years as the director of Degusto ArtePremium Coffee and Events.
  • Judge of the Spanish Barista Championship final in 2015.

My objectives

  • Inspiring passion and helping others find their place in the business.
  • Improving the quality of training in the hospitality sector.
  • Teach individually, adapt the learning to your abilities.

My story

Where does my passion come from and why do I dedicate myself to this?

It comes from the love my parents instilled in me for this beautiful job of gastronomy. My crib was in the kitchen of her restaurant! Later the room would become my park.

This year my mother turns 50 behind the stove and one of my hobbies – although I like the living room better – is cooking.

I love spending time with my family and intensely enjoying the growth of my children, if the work leaves us very little, that time is of quality.

Another thing I like is spending time with myself, to be super good with me and then to be able to help.

My philosophy

Your life moves from your virtue

Know our talents and dedicate ourselves to them with passion and commitment.

Relate to other people, learn from them, grow together.

Give advice without compromise, with freedom so that everyone can find their own way.

The human being is human precisely because he is moved by beautiful things. There is something magical in all this that for me has the power to heal people.