We were on TV!

We were on TV: with Xavi Iglesias and the Sans Program “Tarda oberta” on TV3 So we started the section on gastronomy to which we were invited by the friends of TV3 last November 30, an exciting occasion to make known our beloved coffee culture. Below, a summary of the content of the program: Every […]

A barista in China

Discover Xavi’s latest coffee adventure in another exotic corner of our world. What is happening in China? Let’s see how Orient gastronomy is transformed by one of the most traditional and ancient cultures: Tell us how the idea of traveling to China arises. X: China has become one of the most important powers and one […]

Interview with Xavi Iglesias: “Living Colombia”

Xavi tells us, at last, his spectacular experience in his last trip, as he had anticipated in social networks How did the idea of visiting Colombia come about? X: I had already planned a trip to a coffee producing destination with my partner. As you know, Ethiopia, India, and Colombia are among the most important. […]

Interview with Xavi Iglesias on Radio La Xarxa “The coffee”

In the second half of the nineteenth century, Barcelona could be considered the city of cafés; Journalists, architects, politicians, philosophers gathered around a table and a cup of coffee in places like the “Swiss Café” in the middle of the Rambla, the great “Continental Café” in Plaza Catalunya or the “Café Pelai” among others . […]