Do you have a brilliant business idea and don´t know where to start for?
Do you want to reformulate your business, expand or diversify?
Do you need training for you and your workers?
Are you looking to adapt to new technologies effectively?


Releases and reopenings

The current entrepreneur is flexible, creative and unstoppable. This well-channeled energy can take him far. Knowing how to delegate and be advised by those who have started before in the business, is the key.
Diagnosis and treatment: kitchen, dining hall, cellar, and even the mood, everything is important. Let’s take action. No fault escapes to a trained eye. Analysis, proposal and follow-up of the resolution “in situ”.


Focuss on quality involves everything, from the water circulating in your coffee machine to the fragrance that subtilizes the environment, including wich, when and how many are the raw materials reaching the kitchen.


Your most important asset are your employees. Get a team of collaborators motivated and committed to your vision, and they will become the first involved with your success. Protocol, languages, cocktails, coffees, wines… And also stress management, your emotions, your posture, your goals.


Finding your best partner is possible. With my own method of potential and talent detecting, you will provide your proposal with a team that will flow with your purpose.


A clean environment denotes the discipline that guarantees our clients being comfortable and willing to return. The kitchen, the bathrooms, the uniforms, the lighting … and also the freshness of waiters who take care of both, their smile and their emotions.


Conceptualization, marketing, analysis and management: from brand creation to content development, through social networks and presence in fairs.

I work individually and indistinctly with consolidated professionals, amateurs or entrepreneurs.

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Consultoría Xavi Iglesias
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