“Crazy zone: one day is one day”

Hello friends! Today we are going to pass on academic tips, and simply relax and laugh. So, what a better way to do it than breaking patterns, changing the story, throwing us to the unknown, to everything that is outside, waiting to be lived intensely.

I want to change my way of seeing the world, to rethink what is known, to leave for a little while that “security”, just to see what happens.

Be wrong

Sometimes we feel like letting ourselves be carried by the heart and make decisions without thinking too much, just like that, passionately, this is also nice:  start from scratch, take out the heart and show it to the world.

Whatever we decide, one way or another, it always ends up being the right thing to do. We always do the best we can, with the information we have at that moment. Sometimes, it may seem that something didn´t go quite well, but there you had the thing to be learned; a mistake, although it could hurt, makes us grow.

The past is not formed through the memory from then to here, it is done from the present and the way we see it NOW, from the perspective of the person that WE ARE BEING now.

The good, if unknown, twice good

So now that? Because that’s it, we already proved that the known works and that is good. But, to me, everything that sounds “comfortable”, I start feeling like disrupting it, I want to change things. I start thinking: “What if there was something else, something better, something exciting in the unknown”.

It is true, making and accepting big changes seems difficult, but it could eventually work! Let’s drop the fear about changing things, in our lives, in our job, to leave the comfort zone. Let’s start by changing something, change small things, or big ones. Let’s dare.

For example, let’s practice something a little fun, reserve a day of the week in the organization chart and call it “Zona loca, un día es un día”. And don´t pick the typical Friday, why cannot be, I don´t know, a Wednesday?


What if all learned and inherited was, not wrong, but what if it could be expressed otherwise? A different way, new and original, something so stimulating just because it´s unexplored, unknown.

We must expand our vision and make it as flexible as possible in a world that changes and evolves rapidly. And, why not, relax a little and not take the job so seriously. Let’s do new things or, the same thing, but in a different way. Something spontaneous and funny. Something different, a little risk, passion, something that makes us feel alive.

At home

Daddy! put on a pink tulle with your boy and steal for a moment the sister´s dolls, while she runs away with the mommy to play football in the park and sweat and get muddy.

Then go into the kitchen and organize a contest “let´s see who works the most inedible sandwich” and whoever wins, starts the food fight.

Be a child, be a child as long as you can. Take a nap anywhere, laugh out of context, eat a giant chocolate and enjoy it, give yourself a jelly beans binge and laugh more. Get rid of the shyness in your body fibers and dance, dance with your two left feet and laugh at your ridicule. Get a good pair of deep wrinkles around your eyes and let them be. So you can tell your grandchildren: “that´s because of your grandfather, he always makes me laugh a lot.”

Find that it is also nice, in a chat, to accept that the other does not feel like talking. Learn to discover the beautiful things his silences are telling you. And, at the same time, say it all. Say it, write it, transmit, communicate.

Tell someone you love him or her. Be cloyingly romantic, sticky, annoying, allow yourself to be corny. What can you lose? Are you going to regret expressing love, even if you have the poorest shooting?

And then shut up, keep silent for a long while and let it be so quiet that you can hear your own heart, that´s the one that will beat for you all life.

At school

Go around with your friends and laugh, and if you see them with the phone, throw it out the window, the 88 messages from the WhatsApp group can wait. Just for laugh. Friendship and laughter heal, and there is no substitute that is equally effective.

If you are a teacher and you have a class to give, take the children to the beach, let the sun and the sea breeze caress them, while they manage to take 4 plates in each hand walking barefoot in the sand. Give them fun challenges, serve an imaginary coffee in a paper cup with water up to the knees; let a giant wave takes them away for a while and the sand gets in the aprons and in the ears. The lessons of that day will never be forgotten.

For a day we can forget the “nice and neat” pattern and not need to raise our hands to participate. Stop competing, to collaborate and connect with the one next to you. To think creatively and independently. Let’s stop teaching the same thing in the same way to students who are unique and special.

Let´s personalize the educational system to update it, change it, reach the core of each heart at every moment. Maths are important, yes, but no more than dancing, music or art. Let’s help them so that their dreams can be fulfilled and only God knows what we can achieve.

At work

In the restaurant, put the wall pictures on the table and decorate with tablecloths the walls, or the ceiling!!

If you are in the role of Chef and you see one day your cooks a little off, tell them: “Today we´re going to coat in something… outside”. Yeah, coat in, but with each other, wallowing in the grass of the park next-door. I guarantee that that day the food will be especially delicious.

If you are an entrepreneur, hire a girl sommelier, I´m sure that customers will appreciate it. Or put as a first Chef the retired neighbor lady that everyone loves because she cooks like bloody heaven. And then make social media explode by telling everyone that these women have earned you several stars, but those that come straight down from the skies.

And if you are a waiter and drop a plate, and everyone turns to look at you, just smile and throw another one. And if you are the maître throw another one and make a bad joke, like what you always wanted was a Greek restaurant and not a “fusion whatever” full of boring faces. And laugh. Laugh together of that kind of “mistakes”, and of all those who remind us that we are human.

Enough to be tough

Break the intimate sphere of a client who has been coming for decades and surprise him with a hug, maybe you will not see him again, maybe he’ll come back with ten friends who also need hugs.

And you, client, do you call by his name the person who serves you coffee every morning? Do you even know his name? Change something yourself and leave a tip even more generous the day you see him overwhelmed, believe me, that is the day he deserves it the most.

Ask for a big glass of milk and take a selfie of the best white moustache next to your waiter, I know you like him a lot.

And if at some point you don´t feel like doing something, something that you feel your soul is not comfortable with, then simply don´t do it.

Quality time

Be a little “incorrect”, someone will forgive you. Have fun, work does not have to be a burden, you can make your job, your home or your school (in the end, what difference does it make, right?) the best place where you can be, to be happy to get there the first in the morning, because you want to be the first to receive your partners with such a big and beautiful smile!

I know this sounds like utopia, but I tell you that you can, and that is closer than you imagine. Think that to do any of the things this crazy post suggests, is free.

Dare to break the protocol and everything established in the social chip, to transform it into something better, everything can be questioned. Let’s provoke our most deeply rooted beliefs and, without fear, face them, let´s rename everyday things.

P. S: If you send me a picture of you in a pink tulle or coating in on the grass (or any of the challenges of this post) to xavi@degustoarte.com, I swear I´ll have a gift for you, haha!

Till another post, dear friends, be carefree and happy.


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  • Marta on Thursday February 22nd, 2018

    Me pareció un excelente artículo, desearía seguir recibiendo, muchas gracias. Saludos cordiales Marta

  • Coffeelover on Friday February 23rd, 2018

    Hola Marta!: muchas gracias por tu comentario, ya estás dentro de nuestro mundo, pronto recibirás más cositas! Un abrazo.

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