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Hello, my dear fans of coffee and all the good things in life. Today I come with an article right for this time of the year when the good weather starts and we all go crazy to enjoy and refresh ourselves.

Even so, the so-called “cold coffee specialties” are increasingly popular throughout the year and offer many opportunities for new coffee creations.

A drink that is becoming indispensable

This recipe tells us about cold-brewed coffee. Unthinkable before, the “today’s cold coffee” offers a wide range of possible uses for new creations with coffee, pure or as a refreshing cold drink, and not only in summer.

For example, there are variants of Cold Brew Coffee that combine iced coffee with a pinch of milk or a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or white chocolate, sublime. It can also be used as an additive for cocktails with and without alcohol. With such offers, hotel restaurants, bars, and coffee shops show their guests the creativity and joy of innovation. The cold drop is also a healthier option: it is less acidic and, therefore, softer with the stomach. In addition, this more flexible flavor doesn’t require as much milk or sugar to neutralize the acidity.

Wich coffee choice

For the preparation of Cold Brew Coffee, I recommend a very well done coffee, light/medium toasted Arabica variety, especially with powerful flavors of spicy and fruity notes. Below I put my recipe.

A very special hotel

And it is not only in our country, but also internationally, that cold processing is used. In a Thai hotel The Nai Harn, the general manager, Frank Grassmann, attaches great importance to home-made products. And his house also offers cold-brewed coffee from his own production.

“It’s a stimulating morning elixir: aromatic and refreshing, regardless of whether the guests want cappuccino, latte or frappuccino.”

The luxury hotel offers its guests the choice between three different, cold-brewed coffees produced in special coffee machines at natural temperature. According to Grassmann, aromas and essential oils develop differently due to the temperature and longer contact with water and offer a more complex flavor compared to hot coffee. The three cold-brewed varieties come from the coffee regions of Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Sumatra.

“Guests can taste the subtleties and flavors of each region as a grape variety,” says the hotelier.

Definitely, with so many aromatic components, the enjoyment of coffee seems more and more like that of wine.

I know you want the recipe, there it goes:

Simply mix the water and the coffee. Put between 60 and 80 grams of coarsely ground coffee in a jar. A darker toast, with more body, will give a more intense flavor. Add one liter of cold mineral water.

Soak, cover the jar and leave it at least 12 hours – if they are 24 better – in a cool place. After soaking, you must separate the grounds from the water.

Strain the coffee. Pour the infusion through a tissue filter in another container. Or place a coffee filter (two paper towels will also work) in the strainer and carefully pour the mixture to separate the last grains.

Voilá! A mixture of sweet coffee, with good body and ready to drink cold.

Enjoy! In a glass, add the desired amount of ice and a part of the coffee concentrate to three parts of cold water or milk. Add sugar if you wish.

Happy summer and till another post my friends.

Xavi Iglesias

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