Tea goes on stage

Hello, my fans. Today we leave coffee for a while to focus on tea, which also has its leading role. Tea service is a profitable business. If you have the right combination, you can earn points with the clients, either with the classic Tea Time or the modern Tea Shots.
There is always a reason to enjoy tea: for relaxation, as a sign of hospitality or simply for the pleasure of enjoying. This is also happening in Spain -always a land of great coffee drinkers- more and more. Little by little, tea is becoming a cult drink.

The gastronomy industry is also reacting to this. While 20 years ago, you could only find black or mint tea in the beverage menu, today the selection is much more extensive. Hotels and restaurants even prepare special tea menus, from which the guest can choose depending on the time of day: tea menu for breakfast, tea menu for afternoon tea, drinks to relax with tea in the spa.
Tea time according to the British model is often kept at the best hotels and there are guests who come especially for this from far away.

A good example could be the ETIC coffee and tea artesans showroom. The lounge of this cafeteria in Olot, opened in December 2017, Sonia Iglesias (yes, she is my sister, hehe) offers around 53 classified references, among teas, rooibos, and tisanes. Here tea is served daily from 8.30 to 13 and from 16.30 to 20.

There are also tea-like infusions, such as fresh mint and ginger tea.
Sonia is always looking for new or unusual teas.

New tea countries, new protagonists

High-quality leaf teas are popular, but also other hot drinks, such as herbal and fruit teas. The teas bar is definitely a place to slow down. The atmosphere is important. The water must have the right temperature, it needs time to infuse. Anyone who drinks tea is taking a small break from everyday life. The teas of the countries of origin that are currently in focus are Nepal, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA, and Vietnam.

An added value for your establishment

More and more hoteliers are realizing that tea can give their place an added value. It can be used to create new events and attract additional guests. As passionate baristas do with their coffee, the Tea Masters transmit their experience to their customers, employees, and colleagues. They set up Tea Times, hold training sessions and advise their tea points on the composition of their tea collections. In addition, they promote the expansion of the spectrum of tea with original cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, creations of summer ice tea, spa treatments and trendy recipes with tea.

The tea service in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops is a highly profitable business, but also very complex because in addition to the consulting experience it requires a broad knowledge about tea in general and its perfect preparation and staging.

What would go with it? Mmmm

Tea can be served with a wide selection of salty and sweet companions, preferably homemade. For example, with little things in the best English style such as scones with cream or curd and jam, butter cookies, a variety of sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, carrot cake and vanilla cake with fruits. Also with a glass of sherry.

And for the Italian gastronomy, it is becoming the cult drink. There is a chain of Italian restaurants, for example, that has opted for teas and premium infusions. Developing its own range of eight organic teas for their tables, which includes organic herbal tea with basil, rosemary and thyme. This is how Italian cuisine transforms when it comes to tea.

The most trendy

Tea experts have identified four tea trends for the current season: iced tea, matcha, tea cocktails and tea coffees. For this last one, tea and hot water are added to the portafilter espresso machine. The result is an intense mini tea that will really awaken you.
Let us dare in our establishment to incorporate the world of teas that surely will delight everyone.

Till another post friends.

Xavi Iglesias

In love with coffee and service


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