Interview: super-waiter in seven questions

What to do to offer a good service?

Hello friends. Here we are! Already active after a deserved disconnection. So, as the saying goes:

“The sooner the better”

Before the end of the vacation month, we start with joy! We are already entering the second half of the year and we will never repeat enough those gold concepts in our beloved sector. So to remember them, this time we’ll use an interview that I do to myself, haha. No, I haven’t taken too much coffee. This way we incorporate little things that we already know we have to do, but in a different way so that it is more entertaining and easy to refresh. Let’s go for it:

What is the secret for a restaurant to be successful?

Xavi Iglesias: Definitely, the customer service. When someone goes to a restaurant, it’s not only because they’re hungry, or thirsty, and they want something to eat or drink, but among other things, they’re going to have a good time. If you go to a place where the food is delicious, but it is not accompanied by good attention, you won´t achieve the total satisfaction you were looking for, and most likely you will not go back just for that dish.

What is it that makes someone decide not to return to an establishment?

Xavi Iglesias: The main reason why a client decides not to repeat a place, is because he is not happy with the service. An ugly gesture, getting tired of waiting for you to attend, a lack of hygiene, are mistakes that a good waiter would not do. The service is all. Some customers remain loyal to a restaurant, precisely because of the good treatment, where food can even go into the background.

That is, we are going to eat, but are we looking to get excited?

Xavi Iglesias: Exactly. Look, for example, when you go to a friend or relative’s and they offer you something that does not amaze you as the best flavor ever, but they give it to you with so much affection and they make it happen so nice, that then what you remember is how they treated you and how much you enjoyed the whole. Normally you do not say: “… and such a bad food”, you simply ignore it, and if they invite you again you wouldn’t doubt it! At a restaurant is the same: even though the food is not the best, people repeat restaurant because of a good service.

How to establish this link with customers?

Xavi Iglesias: Success implies creating long-term relationships, therefore, we must do everything to achieve loyalty. The key is the professional and human quality of the restaurant staff. Having a team of unbeatable, trained and attentive waiters, involved with the business and with a vocation for service should be the objective of any selection process.

Good waiter, is it done or is born?

Xavi Iglesias: It is born and is made. First with a good training, and then simply practicing in the field of experience. You have to know the rules of protocol, master the technique a bit, yes, this is important, but more so are the attitude and behavior. The vocation for me matches with things like wanting to learn and overcome challenges.

And can it be so during the typical peak hours problems?

Xavi Iglesias: Of course that you can. If you have the ability to improvise, if you learn to be agile, proactive, decisive. If there is a complaint, apologize and resolve it as soon as possible. Listen to complaints always with a smile, be kind, patient to know how to understand the needs of the client. Always maintain a positive attitude and that the client always perceives an atmosphere of tranquility.

Why do restaurants lose good waiters?

Xavi Iglesias: In a restaurant, sales mainly depend on the waiters. In this sense, good treatment and fair retribution are decisive. That is why it is very important that the waiter is comfortable and committed to his work. You have to share in the successes of the establishment, that is, have a good recognition. If it is obvious that it is thanks to the team that the establishment is being successful, it must be communicated. If you feel important within the company, that you are part of something bigger and that your work is good for something, it will not cost you to reach those levels of purpose and commitment where everything flows more harmoniously.

And so far these concepts refreshing in the form of an interview. Have it present. Thank you very much and until another post friends!

Xavi Iglesias

We all do the room and we all act as clients

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