Success and happiness

A shot of optimism

Hello friends, while on vacation I have found myself so full of energy that I thought to forget business for a while and give you a few words of a philosophy with which I could not agree more. There it goes:

The performance of a person in life, both personal and professional, is directly related to their optimism coefficient. An optimistic person yields between 65% and 100% more than a person in “normal mode”. So, if the main characteristic of people who are successful is the coefficient of optimism, the second will be that they are people with LIFE, with enthusiasm, with desire, with energy.

Emotions are contagious. If you see the other person happy, enthusiastic, alive, that is transmitted. Also the negative ones, and be careful because they are transmitted four times more than the positive ones.

Did you know that a negative emotion lasts 112 minutes and a positive 42?

Learning times: where everything starts

What part is attitude and what part is knowledge? Attitudes come from a part of the brain that is programmed in our first three years of life. The knowledge, a little later.
At school, they taught you math, physics, and chemistry, but they didn’t teach you how to get along – with the others and with yourself – Nobody taught us how to lead a wonderful life, nobody taught us how to make life easier for others. Here is the thing, and the challenge for education in this new paradigm.

1-Children learn by imitation, if you want to have a happy child, you will have to be happy, if you want to have an enthusiastic child, you will have to be enthusiastic, if you want to speak 5 languages, then 5 languages must be spoken at home.
2-As teenagers, we go from idolizing mommy and daddy to imitating the leader of the gang (the friendships of adolescence have a decisive influence on the success of the career).
3-Finally, there is another important moment that is your first boss: if you have a fantastic boss, enthusiast, motivator, you will be like him in the next six months

Change your environment, changing yourself

In life, we attract what ARE. How to meet someone wonderful? Well simply BEING wonderful. We attract what we are, critical people sit together and eat together, those who are bitter tend to go out together, the “burned out” of the company go together to drink coffee. We attract those people who are like us, people who are positive attract positive people. Your mind attracts what you think. So be careful with what you think! The unconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and fiction. The human being is the only being that only by thinking about something, is able to enjoy it – or to suffer it – just by feeling it.

Success is no longer what you were told

The concept of success has changed and this change has to do with the increase in life expectancy. In the nineteenth century, success was little more than getting to eat, drink and reproduce, our great-grandparents hardly read and wrote. During the 20th century, success was measured by things like having a university career, with accumulating technical knowledge. Today, the challenge of the so-called millennials is that they will live very easily 100 years. Living 100 years completely change the concepts of success and they are no longer based on those mentioned above. The issue is no longer how to live 100 years, but how to live them with passion, enthusiasm, and joy. If before the success was related to survive, how do things change if from now on we relate it, not with surviving, but with LIVING?!

The issue is no longer putting years to life but putting life to the years.

Do you feel tired?

Only that which you don’t enjoy will tire you, only that which you don’t put passion in will tire you, it will only tire you if you are doing something that doesn’t fulfill you. So with the life that we have left, we should be doing only what we are passionate about. Don´t sell your life, it’s not worth it.
For example: in order for a job to fill you, you need two things: the first that you believe that the work depends on you. And the second that you think that your work is good for something. Look at our world: to get to make a very good coffee, you must fell good with yourself first.


There is something above anything and it’s yourself, nobody will ever want you more than you love yourself, nobody will ever respect you more than you respect yourself.
If you are doing something in life that you are not passionate about, then just do not do it. Nor should you stay next to a person you don’t love. Being good is being with who you really want to be.

When reason tells you one thing and the heart tells you another, follow your heart, you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s become that kind of people who go around leaving good humor, instead of always being angry or sad. The human being is not happy when he gets something, he is happy while he fights for it.

Thank you and happy summer my friends.

Xavi Iglesias


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