How the new restaurants work. With robots!

Three successful robotic examples

Hello, my champion waiters. Today I bring you an article and an analysis to give all the attention to. It seems this is what is coming and is just around the corner. Is it really to worry about?

Attracting customers has always been complicated, in a sector with a lot of competition and in which every day we think we are running out of ideas. To get more visitors, more and more restaurants decide to facilitate and improve the experience using digital charts, mobile payments, applications for ordering at home and an etcetera that is getting longer each day.

The most daring ones go a step further, incorporating pioneering innovations in the field of robotics. It gives a little bit of a bad feeling, huh? Keep reading, the battle for jobs has just begun.

The future is here

It’s not necessary to travel to the future to find restaurants that include cutting-edge technology to improve the experience of their customers. Here are some examples. (And no, although it seems they are not from any science fiction movie)

1.- Robotic waiters

That robots are capable of carrying out more and more human tasks is a definite fact. If we also take into account that they can combine effectiveness and attractiveness, then we have the perfect equation for the success of “Robot Restaurant”, the Chinese restaurant of Mr. Song Yugang in Kunshan.

Their robots understand up to 40 different everyday phrases, so they can communicate perfectly with customers. Additionally, they are an excellent claim for the curious who go in search of a singular service. It should be noted that although each robot costs the equivalent of one year’s human salary-about 4,800 euros-the owner is delighted with his new crew.

“They can not get sick or ask for vacations”

Moreover, they can also work five hours non-stop in exchange for just two hours of electric recharge. We’d better learn fast, the competition is getting hard.

2.- Chefs: don’t relax

The rest of the staff may think that this automated future doesn’t affect them since you need to “have a good hand” to know how to cook. Well, if I still haven’t got your attention, maybe Flippy will surprise you. Because this robot of a well-known chain of fast foods has proposed to replace the cooks, making the food to be always at its point. Not only he is able to turn the burgers on the grill, but he distinguishes between types of meats and different temperatures, elaborates sauces and set the plates. It is only a matter of time until the improved version appears that achieves more sophisticated dishes. TIC TAC.

3.- The receptionists are not saved either

The friendly robots of the Hotel Henn of Tokyo Bay – honored by the Guinness Book of Records as the first hotel in the world served by robots – are responsible for receiving their guests in any language, delivering their corresponding room and facilitating all kinds of services: baggage transfer, weather forecast, turn on the TV and AC… with a fantastically operating prototype for each room. And these little friends won’t ask for a tip.

To start the engines

If there are already establishments in which an android and two robotic dinosaurs have managed to reduce the human team from 20 to 6 workers, what awaits us in a future saturated with technology that is already here? Are we definitely lost?

Waiter: if you don’t want to see yourself without a job, you will have to learn to do SOMETHING MORE than what your metallic competitors already know how to do. We all know what people want, and if they get the same service from a human or a robot, your boss won’t doubt much about the choice. Why not hire a little robot of these who do the same and in addition doesn’t complain about his schedule or an annoying type of client. What a panorama!

What do we do?!

Relax. The strategy will be to offer something different and transform ourselves into MUCH MORE than simple food servers. We have to become authentic generators of value, fulfillers of expectations, dream-makers. A robot cannot anticipate someone’s wishes simply observing the person, looking into his eyes and knowing how to connect with his emotions, a well-trained “flesh and bone” waiter, can.

When people get finally saturated with technology, instant solutions and LED lights, they will go crazy looking for waiters to treat them with kindness, with closeness, with a sincere smile, and give them a “culinary affection”, with a well-served dish, made with love.

And this differentiation involves using and sharing the emotions that humans are able to generate, which is one of the few things that robots cannot yet imitate, hehe.

Summing up: to more technological coldness, more love and joy.

Till another post friends.

Xavi Iglesias

In love with coffee and service

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