Espresso & Cappuccino

Espresso & Cappuccino To offer a perfect espresso, a cappuccino that makes you fall in love, we not only must master the technique, but also the history behind that coffee. Where does the cappuccino come from? When we hear about cappuccino, we usually think about a fashionable drink, but the origins of this name are […]

Bloody Mary´s origins

Such a weird name No matter how they are ordered, everyone loves a good cocktail. They have inspired world leaders, famous artists, poets, high society parties and the creativity of professional bartenders. The cocktail has merged with our popular, historical and literary culture, becoming as iconic as the men and women who immortalized them. After […]

The Ritz

The beginnings of the hotel business Have you ever wondered who had the idea of the hotel business and how it all started? The man has always needed to nourish himself, not only with food but also with experiences and human relationships. As the different civilizations were evolving, the need for changes in the food […]

Coffee and fair trade (second part)

What is promised is debt. Be excited about the outcome of the story that we started discovering last week: The next year Jeff visited his sister in Ethiopia, traveling through the mountains, she suggested buying some green coffee that a farmer was selling on the side of the road, and learning how to roast. And […]

Coffee and fair trade (first part)

Despite the apparent chaos and abundance of bad news that invade us, it is undeniable that the world is beginning to show signs of change and improvements in many areas. And the coffee industry also has its share in it. After all, coffee is a product that comes from the earth that shelters us all […]

How did coffee get to Europe?

More stories about the origins of coffee and its consumption in Europe Viennese coffees have a long and distinguished tradition that goes back centuries. The taste for this stimulating drink for some of its most famous clients is already part of the local legend. While the foundation of the first cafeteria dedicated to the preparation […]

What is a “BARISTA”?

Starting with a track, we tell you that if you still do not hear this name it is because, in Spain, the figure of the barista is not as widespread as in Italy (hence the origin of the word) or Portugal, where there is often a person dedicated exclusively to the coffee machine. Here it […]