Success and happiness

A shot of optimism Hello friends, while on vacation I have found myself so full of energy that I thought to forget business for a while and give you a few words of a philosophy with which I could not agree more. There it goes: The performance of a person in life, both personal and […]

Dall’Italia con amore

An afternoon with one of the best shakers in the world Hello friends, let’s go with an article about cocktails, something that is always interesting. I wanted to tell you that, about a month ago, I had the opportunity and the great pleasure of spending an afternoon with Simone Caporale, an authentic eminence in the […]

Sweets and coffee, a good pairing

The pastry and everything that goes with your coffee For some years we have experienced a boom in pastry: first arrived: the donuts; then the cupcakes; the Arabic baklava; most recent the Japanese mochi, the dorayakis or the surprising chocolates and muffins made with matcha tea. But don´t be intimidated, if you are one of […]


Learning to manage times “Time is relative”, someone said one day. And he wasn´t wrong. From the speed at which it “flies” when we are enjoying, to the feeling of boredom that appears when we count the minutes, there is nothing more subjective than the perception of time. But attention, the times we have to […]